Friday, October 2, 2009

Helmet liners for soliders in Iraq

A local shop here is knitting up helmet liners for the people serving our country in war but they need over 200 in such little time. So if any of you are interested in knitting, (or maybe even crochet I just need to get a pattern) I could post the pattern and let you have at it! You can either ship it to me and I WILL MAKE SURE it gets to them or I can get the address to the yarn nook for you!

The liners have to be 100% wool, (superwash or not) and have to be black, charcoal, brown, tan and/or olive drab.

You can check out more at or the direct link:

If you need more info or details just let me know.

Thanks bunches from me, the ladies at the yarn nook and the people fighting for your safety!

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