Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Minor Effect

Hi guys! I will soon be taking over our teen group, Minor Effect! Mrs. Christina aka peasantsoup is going on a moving trip and will no longer be able to admin. So I am hoping to be able to step in and grow the group. I don't think I will be able to do it alone so I already have some one in mind to help me out. I will be taking over in a couple weeks and hope to do as much as possible. Please tell all teen crafters about our group and please send them to our blog. Right now the group is open only to etsians but I am trying to change that! I don't know how but eventually we can open it to all teens.
Let me know if your interested (comment this blog) and I will get an application via email to you! (Also comment for an email if your interested in the group but do not belong to etsy)!

Thanks for spreading the word buys,

P.S. Since peasant is moving she is closing her shop. Please click her name above and visit her shop and look around. She is having a closing discount so contact her and see what kind of deal you can get!

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  1. Thanks a ton GAR! We are making a 3 week journey from Alaska to Tennessee and I do not want to ship my etsy items to myself... any items that sell will be sooo helpful in the move!